The Story About Bonny Little Bunny

“In the land of a thousand lakes far in the north lived a small, long-eared rabbit. This rabbit was called
Little Bunny. There had been many warm autumn days and the animals of the forest enjoyed the
warmth. But Little Bunny was already waiting for winter. She was waiting for the first frosty nights,
bright colours in the trees, frozen whiskers in the mornings and a white winter coat. The warm days
continued long into the autumn, and winter was still to come.

One morning Little Bunny woke up to a strange tapping sound…”

The story is about Bonny Little Bunny who is waiting for the winter to get a white winter coat. But the winter doesn’t come, because of the climate change. As he sets out to the Arctic Ocean to search for the winter, he encounters nordic animals. The story is by Sini Lavastre.

With the help of the story, you can easily create a narrative concert.
The collection is bilingual. Therefore it can be used with groups of Finnish and English speaking learners.