Piano Teachers

A Collection of New Sheet Music for Piano Multiple Hands 

This new collection includes six Sini Lavastre’s compositions and two of her arrangements of
folk songs. The music pieces are suitable for children aged 3-12, with piano studies of 0-5 years. The compositions and arrangements are written for 3-4 pianists on one piano. You may also play the  pieces with two students as piano four hands. The easiest parts are suitable even for the first piano lessons. The students will get to know the piano as an instrument with lots of possibilities, using different ways to play the piano: small movements with fingers as well as big movements with arms and the whole body. 

Nordic Animals supports arts integration. With the help of pedagogical instructions and ideas, you can create inspiring lessons including storytelling, writing lyrics, visual arts, singing and playing music together, moving to music, free accompaniment and improvisation. 

 By listening to the recording the students can learn the compositions by ear.

It’s fun to play and learn together! In the group lessons students learn a lot of important skills:

  • listening to the music
  • what I play and what are the others playing?
  • how to be a part of a group
  • social skills
  • musical elements: beat, rhythm, harmony, dynamic, structure
  • get motivation
  • absorb ‘strengths’ from each other

For the composer, Sini Lavastre, is important that the students will get know the piano as an instrument with lot of possibilities. A piano can be “a playground” for young musicians. Lavastre is using different ways to play the piano: big movements (clusters, glissandos) and small fingers’s movements (melodies, chords, bass lines, legato-staccato). She’s using chromatic and rhytmical changes for creating inspiring and funny pieces also for young pianists. 

 “This piece would be great to play in a castle!” said a student (7 years) about Yawning Hawk.

 “So beautiful that I got some goose bumps,” said a parent after hearing Bonny Little Bunny.