Music Educators

Nordic Animals is suitable also for music educators and early childhood music educators. With the help of this sheet music collection, you can design music lessons which include  storytelling, playing music together, arts integration, improvisation and learning music theory with body and movement. There is melodies, lyrics and chords of the songs.

Bonny Little Bunny is a great theme for the semester.

The arrangements of the pianists are also suitable for the music groups. You may use different instruments. 
The pedagogical instructions and ideas for group lessons are also suitable for music educattors, considering the age of your students. Music elements are for example:

  • rhythm ostinato
  • major-minor
  • ABA-structure
  • 12 bar blues
  • echo singing
  • timbre of the music

The collection is bilingual. Therefore it can be used with groups of Finnish and English speaking learners.